Tuesday, September 9, 2008

the 'Artsy' Summer of 2008

This summer was an ‘artsy’ summer for Ms. Hana. She went on an extensive visit to the Louvre in Paris, saw the Eiffeltower, and the Versaille Palace, and was greatly inspired by all the statues and paintings and stories about dead kings that had their heads chopped off.

Hana at the Louvre

Hana at the Louvre, in front of a painting of a 'guy that lost two wars and then they send him away'.

Hana at Versaille with a crown

The unfortunate king and his family that sadly had their heads chopped of in 1793. The king has a rather stern look on his face. The Eiffeltower.
She also visited a great many old churches, and saw hundreds and hundreds of statues and paintings and church windows of the virgin Mary with Jesus, and so she even tried some ‘religious’ art. Here is a church window, with colored glass.

There is much more, and I’ll try and document it some more.