Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sight Words

Hana is learning how to read. We play Memory with a number of sight words. At the end of the game (which Hana always wins due to her incredible cheating capacities), she gets to make sentences. She loves it when I read them out loud. Especially this one. In case Miss Founouni is reading this; Yes, those are your brownies. They were quite good!I know I've already posted this one, but this Bikini Lady intrigues me. Her belly button, the orange hair flowing from one side only, the very hip bikini (if I may say so), the dainty little right foot (left for her), and then this ogre on her left who is obviously trying to get her attention, dropping his flowers while doing so. What is he trying to do anyway? Tickle her under her chin? And what’s with the headwear, dude? Going 10012 nights? I don’t know.

Halloween is in the air. She cut out some scary figures for me to decorate my room. Very cute.

Monday, October 26, 2009


We bought a pumpkin on Sunday. An ‘ara’, in Arabic, although someone told me that the correct term would be ‘Latin’. Anyway, at $1 a kilo, we ended up with an 8 dollar pumpkin. She designed the scary face herself, and I helped her carve it. And this is the result. Mind you, Halloween is not a Lebanese tradition, nor a Dutch one. This one is totally’ school infused’.

Lessons of Life

If there is one thing that Hana has learned since she has entered grade 1, it is how to cheat. A dear friend of mine made this picture of Hana in school at the bus gate. She wanted to show me that Hana does know her letters; after all, look at the words she wrote on her am. I recognize the words as the spelling words of the week, on which she had a spelling test that day. She aced it, first time ever. Now I know why. Well, she learn an important lesson on life. ‘Those that cheat, will pass.’

We’d call that a ‘performance assessment’ in my trade.

The Age of Realism

It’s been a while since Hana has updated. She does paint, but her mom is not able to upload it all. Here are some examples. She’s become more ‘realistic’ in her drawings lately. This particular lady reminds me of Beyonce. This is a happy couple, sharing drinks. She painted the bottom of the glasses in silver color; that’s why they reflect.
She’s been quite busy in school with ‘dot paintings’; an version of pointillisme.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Fish

On the front a fish,
but I kind of liked the back even better.