Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cool People

Hana wasn’t born yesterday; she’s a keen observer. And so, this morning, on her way to school, she showed me how she was going to wear her school bag once she got close to school. “Like this,” she sais, and she swung it over once shoulder only. “That’s how cool people wear it.”

And that is true. The elementary students all wear their school bags over 2 shoulders, but the middle and high school students know that this is way too dorky, and they hang the bag on one shoulder only. And Hana, upon approach of the school gate, did indeed, dropped one shoulder, and walked in with her bag swung over one shoulder only.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Odds and Ends

A heart-shaped leaf that Hana picked up for her mom on the play ground, and kept stored in her lunch box to give it to her at home.
A list she made with her friends about who to invite to the party. I think they should make a professional font out of this one. As you can see, I (her mom) get invited several times, but maybe it is because all the girls want to invite their ‘Mom’ and so the several moms may be actual different moms. For you to figure out whose mom is who.
As you can see, Hana’s long time favorite Jawad must have done some evil deed to get her cross, as he has been ostracized. She has crossed him off her list quite decisively. “Jawad’s not invited to the party!”A remote control, made in craft class. As you can see, this design has been given some thought; the touch buttons are all nice soft and fuzzy.
(Update: This morning she explained to me what this remote control did. "It does lots of jobs. It helps me control my family. This button is for you, so I can make you do work for me. This button is for my dad, so he does things for me, This button is for my brother, so he does things for me, and this button is for the nanny, so she can do this for me too."
Exactly. That's how she treats us. A remote control to 'control' your family)
5 pictures she drew yesterday. They all feature Hana and her mom, and in some places other members of the family. It’s good to know we still feature in her drawings.