Thursday, January 17, 2008


There was a time when Hana used to fold her art work. This was after the time that she’d staple it with 325 staples. She’d fold it into intricate patterns, and everyone would get a folded piece of paper, which - upon unfolding - would show a drawing.

These days she’s into scrolls. Everything gets rolled up, and needs a rubber band (The rubber band is absolutely vital).

A work of art is not complete until it is rolled up (preferably a little rumpled) and tied with a rubber band. It does have something serious to it; a scroll.
And this shows up when it becomes 'unrolled'. It is a house. But as the artists is not in right now (she has a play date with Ali; one does need to network), she cannot explain the finer meaning of the drawing. You’ll have to wait for that.