Friday, March 14, 2008

The Easel

Hana, being the 'serious' artist that she is, figured out a long time ago already that real artists have easels. When cousin O got one from Santa Claus, she had her mind set on an easel as well. She needed to get professional. I went around town, looked for a ‘child proof’ easel at a children’s price, but that was a Mission Impossible. A professional easel starts somewhere around the $80, so I figured I mighthave to keep her on a string until Christmas 2008.
This afternoon however, as I was running through town on my way to a music concert which featured Hana’s brother on the trombone, I ran across a beautiful easel, wrapped in saran wrap, for a mere 49,995 LBP, which is only $33. A steal. And thus I continued my way to the music concert – still running – with an easel under my arm.
Hana’s was elated of course, and got to work right away. It was only a short time before her bed time, but she still managed too crank out a piece.