Friday, March 21, 2008

Mothers Day

A burden on us, but see how eagerly they await their moms!

It is a burden on teachers, who have to come up with ever nicer events to surprise the mothers, prepare the kids and the classroom and rehearse over and obver again to ensure it does not end up in a chaotic mess, and a burden on mothers, who have to sit through these events smiling politely, eating sandwiches and cookies baked and prepared by 20 snotty kids, green bubbles blowing out of their noses.
The kids love it tough. Hana has been preparing me for some weeks now on what would she would be doing on Mothers Day. I would come to school, and she would serve me lunch that she had prepared herself.
And there she was,
complete with (self-made) cook’s hat, a (self-made) place mat with a protrait of me, a (self-made) menu, (self-made) flowers in a pot and self-made sandwiches.
T’was a good one.
This was the card the Arabic teacher prepared. A multi-media card, with a protrait of me.