Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sulley & Boo

Sometimes you see things only after a while. Hana made this picture one evening before dinner. I did not think much of it. It is a rudimentary depiction of an adult with a child. But when I asked who it was, she said "That’s Boo with the monster.” For those that know the movie Monsters Inc, this is Sulley with Boo.

And then, when I looked at it one the computer, while preparing it for her blog, I noticed the red pointed thing. Why would she stick that on the picture, I thought?
And then suddenly I remembered that exact scene in the movie. If you have seen the movie, you will remember the scene where Mike Wazowski surprises Sulley with the door of Bo. The door has been through the shredder, and he has glued every single piece of the door together again. Except for one piece, that he could not find.
And that is the piece that Sulley has kept on his clipboard. He glued it to the picture that Bo had drawnof them together.
I find that the strongest thing in this picture; that red splinter, which is supposed to be the splinter that will open Boo's door again.