Sunday, April 20, 2008

Pen Drawing: The Magician

Hana was invited to a birthday party yesterday, and there they had a magician. It was the highlight of the party. Listening to her, this guy must have been pulling bunnies and pigeons left and right out of bags and hats.
No, not hats,” she corrects me. “Only bags.”

And so, inspired by the magician, I got this pen drawing this morning.

From the left to the right:
This is a girl and she has a cat (right hand) and a dog (left hand) on a leash. That is a magician, and he has flowers in his hand. This is a swan (left shoulder) and that is a bird (right side, I think she means pigeon. It looks like a pigeon to me). And that (right side of picture) is a butterfly and a bird and a hamster (the one in the circle with the cross. Looks like a hamster wheel to me). And down here are birds and a pebble (the round object). And that is all.”

I like the magician's high hat, and the bow in the girl's hair. His assistant maybe? I forgot to ask. The magician's assistant has lovely eye lashes. I don't think I drew them like that when I was young. Must be the Middle eastern influence; women have long thick eyelashes here. The drawing is quite detailed; the cat has whiskers (she always says to her father, when he kisses her, 'you must shave your whiskers, they are prickly'.) The magician is obviously enjoying himself; he smiles quite fondly and his eyes are smiling eyes.