Monday, April 7, 2008

Recycled Structures

Hana’s teacher has been asking since the beginning of the year to send her boxes, empty rolls of toilet paper, plastic containers and the likes, so her children can build projects with it. I have been sending quite a lot of stuff lately, but as you can see, it’s coming back just as fast, albeit with the addition of a little masking tape.

This particular structure is a ‘castle’. As you can see, it is quite high (see the height of the doorknob on the right). Now we are all about recycling, so after posting this picture, I will disassemble it, put it back in the collection bag that goes school every week, filled with boxes etc, and then probably next week it will come home again, as part of some other type of project.
I recognize some of my own boxes, but I can also see other parents’ boxes. One of them is using anti wrinkle eye cream. I should tell her; the stuff doesn’t work.