Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Events into a Drawing; Spiders

Look how this artist translates children’s’ drawings into photographs. A wonderful idea. It shows how she translates a drawing into a photograph. The child is of course translating an image (in her mind) into a drawing. So it goes from image to drawing back to image.

I was thinking about this when I saw this drawing that Hana left on my desktop yesterday. She’s not here to explain me what the drawing is about, so I’m having to decipher her story myself.

I think this is about this weekend. We went to the mountain house this weekend. They have some massive spiders in this country. We are lucky; we did not have the tarantula type in the house, but still, we found some pretty big ones. A large one (dead) in Hana’s room. A very large (soon to be dead) one right above the front door. Another huge one on the front door (also a future dead spider). Another big fat one in a room of another house (which we could see through the window).
So here we have a spider in a box, that jumps out (‘jumping spider’ according to Hana). I think her brother has been scarig her hat hey will jump at her). The person under the table is obviously scared. .