Wednesday, May 21, 2008

On a Gecko and a Walking Stick

This morning, while walking to school, we found a big stick. As I’ve mentioned before, Hana has a fondness for sticks (and stones, and bugs, and shells and pebbles and rocks etc etc). It wasn’t really a stick, more like a branch. Thick enough to make a walking stick out of it, a cane. She knows how to make a cane, because she has seen her grandfather make a cane. He peels of the bark.
Anyway, she wanted to hold the stick all the way to school, and wanted to peel it with me and turn it into a cane at home.
I forgot the stick at work. I even forgot about the existence of that stick, until I got this drawing from her.
What does it say Hana?”
You read it.”
I try, but I cannot figure it out. I see an ‘I Love Mom’. I see a ‘The’ and ‘Would Go U Like to’
I tell her I cannot read it. So she says;
It says; would you like to peel the stick with me?”
Now I can read it. And it makes perfect sense.
It reads indeed: “ Would you like to peel to stick we found, with me?”
Somebody must have helped her with the writing. Her teacher, I think, Miss Linda.
I’ll get the stick from work tomorrow. If it is still there.

This morning (also, it was a busy morning) I saw a funny little pale thing lying on the carpet. Like a little tube or something. I picked it up. It was flexible, but not hollow. It had a tapered end, but the other side looked like, like, well, I don’t know what it looked like. Almost like a severed limb or so. Odd. Very odd.
And then Hana walked in, stepped on something and squeaked “Eeeww!”
As I peeled it off her foot, I noticed two little eyes, and instantly I recognized our house gecko.
It seems the cat finally had gotten hold of it. And devoured parts of it, except for the head and the tail. Inspired by this sad event, Hana drew a gecko (lizard, she calls it) and cut it out. She’s got great fine-motor skills. Definitely a girl.
Poor gecko.