Wednesday, June 4, 2008

For Later

Both these paintings came from school yesterday. I am not sure about the pastel colored one. She does not want to talk about her art work at the moment.
I had my doubts about the red colored blob one; should I even post it. It doesn’t say anything. No object or depiction. But then I thought (delusional mother, you may think), ‘what if, just what ‘if’ , one day, she will be an artist. And an artist in the style of William de Kooning. Or maybe Jason Pollock (click your mouse to get another color). I am sure that would put this red blob in another day light, wouldn’t it?
And so I post it for later. Who knows.
Try out the Pollock web site; it is fun. I might get Hana to do one and make a screen shot of it.