Thursday, October 16, 2008


Hana spent the afternoon at the house of a friend of hers. The father of the child is an avid art collector, and there is literally not one spot in the house that is empty. He’s got paintings on every single wall, from top to bottom. A lot of it is local work, but apart from some European stuff, he also has a lot of Iraqi, Syrian and Palestinian works. Most of it is modern, or semi-modern.
Hana was greatly inspired by it all. Here are some results.
The girl in question was drawn, together with portraits of the other members of the family, in pencil. They were very rudimentary sketches, with some colors around it, but the eyes clearly showed it was Hana’s friend. And so Hana also made one of her friend.
This seems like a bit of modern art, which they had plenty of hanging around. It could of course also be based on her Dr. Seuss books.A bit of mosaic in chalk, cut out in an irregular shape.
This one is based on her birds. She’s got two parakeets, but they started breeding and now we have three. This green one is the mother.