Thursday, November 27, 2008


Hana has asked Santa Claus for a camera. She has asked so in front of her 'jiddo' (Lebanese grandfather), because although she is a great believer in the power of Santa Claus, she has somehow figured out the intricate system of the Lebanese wasta (vitamin C, and C = connections), and she knows that her 'jiddo' has great cloud with the American Santa Claus. She also knows that the Dutch Santa Claus, who drops by with gifts on December 5th, not the 25th, won’t go for a big gift like a camera. And so she asked her ‘'jiddo' to take up the affair with the American Santa Claus.

'Jiddo', being the smart father-in-law that he is, knows when not to mess with the didactic practices of his Dutch (I translate that into ‘sensible’, hubbie interprets that as ‘stingy’) daughter-in-law, and so he could not say ‘yes’. He replied that he would discuss it with her mom (me), and if I thought she deserved a camera, than he would take up the issue with Santa Claus.
Hana therefore has been making great effort to show me that she really really really needs a camera. And this was some of her work of today. We will see what Santa Claus thinks of this.
Her birthday is coming up this weekend, and once we start unwrapping gifts, we basically do not stop anymore until December 25th. Oooff, this is one heavy gift-unwrapping month.