Saturday, February 7, 2009

Kiss and hugs

Two pieces of art of Hana hanging in the art show at her school. One is a study on apples. The other an apartment building. These are city kids. No farms and barns for them.

Here is a house though, and this is her first 3D house ever! I bet most of you remember the first time you figured out how to draw a house with depth. And from then on you only draw 3D houses. So this is Hana’s first 3-dimensional house.
A portrait of our housekeeper, Miriam. It has a soft quality to it.

Hana copying letters and words.
I know that there are children in her class who can read an write. Hana refuses so far. She does copy though.
A kitten on the beach
An angel and her daughter
And the XOXO read “Kiss hug kiss hug”, that's what my teacher Ms. Leila says". The green leave is a clover. A clover for good luck.
Disco Hana. Bling bling