Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Wart

Hana’s brother has a wart on the palm of his hand. He’s tried to get rid of the thing by extracting pieces of it with his compass during math class, but that did not work, and so we’ve been trying to get rid of the thing with the medical kit at home. This has had Hana mesmerized for quite some time. How did it get there? How are we going to get rid of it? What is it? And most important of it all; does it hurt?
And so she’s made a series of ‘Adrian has a wart’ drawings.

Number 1: Hana draws, and dictates to her mom: “Write ‘Adrian has a wart’.” Adrian is visibly unhappy. Number 2: Adrian is very unhappy, and is even crying. Hana has added herself: ‘Adrian has a wart’. The scotch tape in itself is almost a work of art. I go through a role of Scotch tape on an almost weekly basis here. Number 3: The empathy is oozing out of this one. Not only Adrian is crying, his sister is joining him. The arrows indicate the place of the wart (in case you might not have noticed). She’s wearing a T-shirt decorated with a flower.
And some work from Easter that came out of her book bag.