Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hana Makes Perfume

Hana wants to know how perfume is made.
I tell her it is made from the petals of flowers.
How do they get the smell out of the petals? she asks.
They distill the petals.
What does that mean?
They boil them, I tell her.
And so Hana has an idea. She is going to make her own perfume.

First she gathers the petals of a bunch of pink roses that are done flowering. Of course she must wear surgical gloves for this horrendously dirty work.
She gathers the rose petals in a bowl.
She shifts through them, taking all the brown pieces out.
She then puts them in a large pan and puts it on the fire. It is then left to boil for about an hour, spreading a rather unpleasant smell throughout the house.
Everyone who comes in asks: “What’s that smell?”, and Hana answers: “That’s for my perfume. I’m making perfume.”
Well, what is left over, after sifting out the boiled leaves, is a rather brown looking, yucky smelling liquid. The smell is not pleasing, (look at her noise, all turned up), and so she adds some apple shampoo to the perfume, to make it smell better. So now the ‘rose perfume’ is smelling of apple shampoo. Much better.
She adds several teaspoons of this foul smelling liquid to a concoction of several soaps and shampoos she has been collecting in a little bottle. This is her ‘special’ soap.’
And it’s standing in the bathroom now, waiting for use. By who? Not me.