Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pimp Your Bag

Hana got a wonderful present this week: a handbag. Not just any kind of handbag, but a ‘Pimp Your Own Bag’ Handbag. It is a carton do-it-yourself handbag, which you are then supposed to decorate as you wish. (pimped versions can be seen here).

It is a Dutch design (what else!), works great with recycled materials and it activates your imagination & creativity.

The bag starts out like this, and then changes into this. And now it is time for some art. Nothing could be more appropriate. And there she went.

Poking holes to stick the flowers right
Assembling flowers The flowers Half the bag done
The Eyes
Glueing Eyes on the sides
This is the 'eye sight' Hana's Art Supplies The Bag LadyThe pimped version; a flower bag.
With many thanks to Gieneke (the Bag) and Dimphy & Mieke (the colored paper).