Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sight Words

Hana is learning how to read. We play Memory with a number of sight words. At the end of the game (which Hana always wins due to her incredible cheating capacities), she gets to make sentences. She loves it when I read them out loud. Especially this one. In case Miss Founouni is reading this; Yes, those are your brownies. They were quite good!I know I've already posted this one, but this Bikini Lady intrigues me. Her belly button, the orange hair flowing from one side only, the very hip bikini (if I may say so), the dainty little right foot (left for her), and then this ogre on her left who is obviously trying to get her attention, dropping his flowers while doing so. What is he trying to do anyway? Tickle her under her chin? And what’s with the headwear, dude? Going 10012 nights? I don’t know.

Halloween is in the air. She cut out some scary figures for me to decorate my room. Very cute.