Thursday, January 7, 2010

First Real Writing

Finally! She’s starting to write in English. It’s taken her some time, but it seems we’re moving. And now the flood gates will open (I hope). Here she writes a story about her family; a homework assignment.
The most important one in the family is, according to Hana, her dog. And he is, contrary to what she writes, a puny little mutt, found on the street. The other dog is indeed bigger, but that one is not her dog. Never mind the details.

My dog is big. My dog is big big (meaning very big).

My dogs and I like my family.

And this is a family portrait. Both dogs feature now in the story, but the cats, the old aunt and housekeeper are mysteriously absent. She does like cats, but not our cats. Both of them are street cats, and nasty creatures. She wants a ‘lap’ cat.

I kind of like how she displayed me (her mom), with a rather fancy type of fish-scale strapless dress. I don’t have s dress like that. I don’t remember ever wearing a dress like that, but I think it looks good on me. Her dad has hair. That hasn’t been the case for some 14 years now. And Hana herself is wearing a dress. That too is unusual, as she refuses to wear dresses or skirts; believe me, I’ve tried.
My family and I. I love my family.

Well, she’s standing next to her brother who looks as if is about to kick those blocks away from under her. Typical brother-kind of behavior. I'm not quite sure what her brother is saying.