Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dog Show

Hana's rendition of the Dog Show

Hana participated in a dog show with our oldest dog. She talked about the event for a whole week, and that was before we even had gone there. What kind of prize would she get? What kind of dogs would we see there? How would we walk with the dog? What would she have to do? Was our dog clean enough? She washed him twice daily for a week.

The jury and Hana (2nd from left, in yellow T-shirt)

When they day of the event came, and she found out that two of her mom’s friends would join, also with their dogs, she said in a painful manner: “I am going to have my dreams crushed. This way there are going to be too many people in the show, and we will not win.”

That worried me a bit, because I knew that with our dog, whether there were many people or not many people participating, we didn’t stand a chance. The dog is old, ugly, stinks, is blind and deaf, and to top it off, not well groomed. Luckily there was one category – best senior – where at least we could inscribe him.

Superstar in the making

But hey, at one point in life you have to learn how to deal with disappointment, and that might as well be at the age of 7 at the local dog show.

What do you know? He won first prize? It seems that at the ripe dog age of 16, there aren’t many that can beat you. And being blind and deaf, he also got a prize in the most-disabled category.
"I can't believe it! We won first prize!" No, neither can I.