Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Father’s Day

It’s seems that Father’s Day is on the way. Hana has written a book for her dad.

My big big
dad got me a big yellow
and a black one too
He travels a lot and got
me a movie
Every night my
big dad
gives me a piggy
back ride. Yay!
My dad is a diver.
has 80 fish. The mom
makes too many fish.
Silly fish!
My dad likes music
and fish.
He has 100 DVD’s
So do I. He owns
the building too. Every
body says thank you.
 (he doesn't own the building by the way. He's the president of the owners committee. Which Hana has translated into the fact that her dad must be the president of Lebanon. It hasn't struck her as odd yet that many of her friends also have dad's that are presidents)

A Poem

A dad
I love you for
the world I
love you. Now
to your daughter. I love you!

And who wouldn’t want a ‘hug coupon’?