Monday, March 21, 2011

Princess Faleesha; a Fairy Tale

Hana is learning how to write fiction and fairy tales in class. This is her fairy tale of Princess Faleesha, written and typed herself (I think she typed it herself), and so this is inventive spelling. But what I really like is her twist. Faleesha won’t have anything to do with Prince Charming; she takes a swing at him, but unfortunately he’s a bit faster than she is.

Once apona time a girl named faleesha lived in a casl with her mom and dad. By the time faleesha was 10 she got sent to a tower.

One day faleesha was 20 she was siting on a char then she felt wind in her face faleesha looked out the windo and she so... a dragin. faleesha screemed but on top of the dragin there was a man. faleesha fantide. The next day faleesha wooc up she was in a house. The man tooc her to his home.! Faleesha pot her fists up Faleesha swingd her arm right she swingd her arm left but the man was to fast. The man said “my name is Erll” Faleesha thot wich was not vary easy to do because prinses hav people to thinc For them. “unkul Erll”? she said! no!no!no! he said “princ Erll” Erll said Erll was a meen and selfish prins. Erll thot he fownd a nanee. Falleesha was forst to cleen the house. One day Falleesha looked out the windowe and sudinly the dragin came! Falleesha jumped on it and floow away. Wen the dragin came bac Falleesha was gone.! Erll was mad Erll said... “Aaaaaaaaaaaa!” “Horay!” Falleesha yeld . Falleesha was safe and sownd at home.

Erll was misrubl and mesy. Erll dide from misery. The dragin lived with prinss Falleesha and became her best Friend.

The End

Never mind, when she sees her chance, she escapes,  leaves the sucker behind, and lives happily ever after with a friend of her own choosing; a purple dragon. My kind of girl.
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