Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Spider Family and their Web

The shooting is over for the moment, and Hana can paint again near the window. She drew a spider family. At Ali’s house she saw a spider web, and was quite intrigued by it. We do not have a lot of ‘classical spider web building’ spiders here in the city, it is mainly those tarantula type of things that hide in holes and cracks.
And so she drew a spider family.

Daddy spider down at the bottom (not smiling), mommy spider above him (smiling), and baby spider making a tour to the web and back again (follow arrows). They’ve caught a bug it seems, some type of fly, and putting them into these squares. Store rooms maybe?

She takes her art very seriously. She knows now I post her art with a story, and so now she comes to me with art she wants published, and tells me the story without prompting.