Sunday, April 19, 2009

Poor Sucker

This dog must – on a daily basis – regret the day he jumped the car of this little girl. The abuse he is getting from Hana is just beyond imagination. He’s being dressed up in doll clothes, must sleep in the doll’s bed, and is being dragged wherever Hana goes. He’s being inspected on a ten-minute basis for lice, fleas and ticks, and washed, combed and perfume-sprayed constantly.
We hear him growl persistently; the signs of a not-so-happy dog. But she knows now exactly how far she can go before he snaps. He bit her only once, and now she knows the routine; when the growling reaches a higher pitch, she gives him a 30 second respite, after which she continues her routines. Poor dog. He must feel like such a sucker.
The dining table, with the candle holder on top, a chair with my handbag hanging from it, and the dog under it. He looks like a dachshund here, but he's grown quite fat since he moved in, due to the fact that that he is appropriating the catfood as well.
I like the was she drew out three-legged dining room table; very accurate.