Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Some weekend Work

An old building in Beirut.

The windows are all broken, the wooden shutters falling down, pieces of woods are stuck over a window. A spider web and a spider hanging from a silk thread indicate how old it is. On the roof (right) Is “something for TV’s”, and on the left there are pieces of iron that are not attached to something. A bird flies over. On the left is a mountain, with the sun peeping up behind it.

An alien space ship in space.
The sun is on the top left. The black dotted circles look to me like a model of the rotations of the planets around the sun. The red one is a space ship. I am not sure about the blue object. Planet Earth maybe? Or another space ship?

Planet Earth in the center,

with the sun above (rocket taking off from the earth and going into space), and below there is another object. A volcano? I’m not sure.

A day on the beach.
There are people waving on the boardwalk (or maybe a pier, although we don’t really have those in Lebanon. There’s a beach (red) with a palm tree on it. The construction is a house on the beach, with TV antennas on top.