Sunday, August 30, 2009

Beach Bum

Hana's summer is almost over; September 8 the Beach Bum/ Donkey Rider is due back in school. Let's see what the new year brings.

Last week.
I had a collection of pens traveling around in my handbag. As it was very annoying - everything got ink over it - I looked around for a pencil case. The only one I could find was a hippo pencil case of Hana (a pencil case shaped like a hippo). I quickly emptied it of its contents, and used it for my pens, and put it in my handbag.

This week.
Hana and I are talking about the upcoming school year. She telling me all the things she needs, as this year she is going to the ‘big school’; grade 1. Everything passes the venue, from lunchboxes to waterbottles, to erasers and pencils and I don’t know what.

But you will have to get it ready and organize it, put it in one place,” I tell her.
Oh,” she replies, “I already put all my school supplies together.”
Oh, where did you put them,” I ask her, without really thinking about it.
I put them in my hippo pencil case,” she says.


Oooops, I think I just dumped all that stuff out. Better organize myself tonight, or I am going to eat it. I can just visualize this.