Sunday, August 30, 2009

Love Story

Hana’s brother is growing up, and past holiday was spent mainly in the company of girls. Hana finds this entirely fascinating; that girls would actually pass by because they want to be in the company of her – in her eyes – incredibly annoying brother.
And so she’s been drawing about love, and kisses and hearts. This particular one is a love story. It came as a book.Girl meets boy, and is thinking that she actually really would like to kiss him (thinking bubbles). The feeling is obviously mutual. Check out the puckered lips.
And so they kiss. The lying on the ground must be something she sees in movies. I thought it was a church bell up above, but no, it was just a lamp. The girl has her boobies in her neck.
Next comes a reflective piece of the mother (formerly the girl kissing, so obviously they must have gotten married). I’d think she probably thinks “Oh my God, what did I get myself into”, but Hana says she’s thinking on “doing a band with the family”. (boobies still in her neck)
And indeed, here they are; a performing family. Mom, Dad, and a boy and a girl, in rock band disguise. Complete with hairdo, chains and poses.