Saturday, November 7, 2009

Some Work

Hana has been actively creative & creatively active; however, her mom had a bit of an overload of work, and so she failed to document it all. But here are some of the things. At school she wrote a book about her family. She is reading it to her mom here. It’s a 6 page document, which of course I could document here (maybe I will if I have more time), but the page I just could not resist is this one: Don’t you see that muscle man! Muscles bulging of this guys shirt like there is no tomorrow. And in his thoughts he’s kissing this woman. What more could a woman want? And who is the lucky woman? Well, her Mom of course! You don’t believe it? Then go check the caption. “My Dad likes Mom. (ignore the question mark there for a moment) My dad divz. (dives)”
Then there was a bout of swine flu, that could have gone better if Hana had accepted to take her medication. But to have Hana take but a tiny spoon of liquid strawberry tasting Panadol will bring down the house. As if you are murdering a child! Had I been living in a Dutch apartment complex, they’d have sent the ‘Kinderbescherming’ (Social Child Services) at me, because the ruckus she makes is deafening. In the end, I had to explain to her the function of her immune system, how the white blood cells were fighting the nasty intruders, the viruses that were entering the body and the blood stream, and how the medication would help these guys fight off the bad guys. Inspired by this all, she made this drawing of the medication entering the mouth (see all the teeth?), and the battle between the good guys (green) and bad guys (red). Funny how she associates colors already with a feeling. Green is good, red is bad.
She's been busy on her easel as well. I cannot find this particular painting, which seems to be inspired by Picasso. We have a bit of an overactive housekeeper as well, who likes to get things out of her way. We've had to buy a trash can for Hana in her drawing room, so she can inspect the things we throw away, but that doesn't always help.
A princess under an arch of . . . well, something.Another princess, and this time with a boyfriend. Maybe a prince.