Monday, December 7, 2009

On Hana's Arabic Reading & Proud Mom

Hana has had issues with reading. We (her teachers and her mom) thought it would all come naturally, as she seems to be quite a bright child, but it didn’t.
And so in came some serious reading intervention. All this of course is taking place in English, as this is her main language, and the language in which she expresses herself. But 3 months later, although she is improving, her reading is still coming along very very slowly.

Everyone sort of ignored the Arabic reading, because – after all – that is only one of the subjects in class. She doesn’t even speak Arabic, and if you cannot read and write English, but speak it very well, than how on Earth can you read a language which you don’t even speak, right? Wrong. She can read Arabic much better than she can read English. Hats off to her Arabic teachers who managed to do such a good job and such a short time without anyone noticing it!

So here’s some of her Arabic reading! A story about Maha and Mamma, and a boat in the rain. Only Arabic speaker swill understand the story, I'm afraid, but it is a story about Maha and her friend Bassem, and the rain.